“The Amazing Powers of Natural Magnetic Therapy.”

Registered Therapeutic Medical Devices with the FDA and CE.

Our Products

Rapid Pain Relief and Healing Braces for Men and Women!

NMT health magnets are a natural, lifelong product, not mechanical appliances or chemical devices.  Safe, with no dangerous side effects.  Bioenergy increases your body's efficiency, by stimulating the blood circulation, detoxifies, boosting your immune system and metabolism.  Also, assists the body in the production of Collagen regarded as the substance that holds the whole body together found in the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons.


Some support devices are designed to keep your body quite rigid, and you shouldn't wear them for long as your muscles/body need movement.  However, our brand is not of traction devices but flexible and focuses primarily on healing the cause of your problem from the inside out, not just handling the symptoms, and you'll benefit from pain relief, support, and posture issues (critical as we age).


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